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Listed below are various services and packages I provide. If needing a service a la carte , please email me at for pricing.

Branding Services

Brand Management Services

As your Brand Manager I would be responsible for maintaining a company or individual’s public image through the implementation of marketing initiatives. My duties would/can include communicating with company executives, marketing personnel and public figures, completing research into industry trends and public perception and aiding in the creation of marketing and advertising campaigns to strengthen their client’s brand identity.

Examples of what would be implemented are below

  • Developing custom marketing and advertising strategies
  • Creating designs and layouts for media outlets
  • Writing pitches, blog posts and articles
  • Making decisions about the cost of branding and analyzing trends in customer spending
  • Building relationships with influencers, journalists and media outlets
  • Overseeing social media accounts and ensure brand consistency
  • Conducting meetings with clients
  • Overseeing marketing staff

Additional Branding Services

Weekday Campaign

The Weekday Campaign is way to get started posting every weekday. Combined with the Brand Strategy Foundation Session You’ll have branded themes, fresh photos, social media campaigns and a plan to tell your brand story on social media, every weekday.

  • 5 images/ month
  • 20 social media images
  • Brand Strategy Foundation – 1 Concept
  • 2 hour Shoot, once a month
  • Investment – $525 Monthly

7 Day Campaign

Consistency is KEY! Do you post daily and have intentional content? Combined with the Brand Strategy Foundation Session, You’ll have branded themes, fresh photos, and a plan to tell your brand story on social media 7 days a week!

  • 10 images /month
  • 20 social media images
  • Brand Strategy Foundation- 2 Concepts
  • 2-3 hour Shoot, once a month
  • Investment- $725 Monthly

Brand Strategy Foundation

These answers will shape the look and feel of everything going forward — We’ll dive into color, locations, outfits, backgrounds, and props. This is our chance to define the mood and tone of your visual brand image.

  • Styling Concepts
  • Location Brainstorming
  • Prop research
  • Investment- Starting at $325

Branding Bootcamp- $2,999

Let me assist with your branding needs . With this bootcamp you will be educated on having an organized brand that is intentional as well as content that you can use on the following platforms:

  • Website
  • Blog posts
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Profile Photos for Social Media.

With this package, you’ll receive 3 Headshots, Action photos and Lifestyle Portraits.

We will begin with a 30 minute consultation so that I am able to gather information, secure date and deadline for final images. Recommended to book at least 3 weeks before scheduled campaign or launch.

You will receive a catalog that is vibrant, and will include custom crafted imagery that will allow you to launch your brand with confidence that your message and brand is seen , heard and FELT.


  • 2 consultations- Pre and Post
  • Digital Folder with Hi Resolution images in just the right format for every place you want to use them.
  • Roughly 30 images ( this includes social media graphics)
  • 2 Trainings on brand strategy and planning

Marketing and Public Relations Services

Mini Marketing Package
Investment – $499 +

  • Welcome booklet
  • Target Market Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing 101
  • 30 minute follow up/ coaching conversation
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Standard Marketing Package
Investment – $999 +

  • Welcome booklet
  • Target Market Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing 101 ( 2 sessions included)
  • Search Engine Optimization Research and Analysis
  • 3- 30 minute follow up/ coaching conversation
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Blog Coverage

Starting at $49

I will either cover your company on my site or help with creating content for your website or blog site.

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PR Campaign
Full campaign to put together for your personal brand or company
Starting at $699

Event Coverage
Assisting with planning , promotion, logistics and run of show .
Starting at – $175

Press Release
an official statement issued to newspapers and media outlets giving information on a particular matter.

“Thank you so much for your time and knowledge that you shared with us in class. I have been able to effectively apply most of the information learned with marketing my business. I’ve also been able to share with other entrepreneurs how informative your workshop was! I feel like I left the workshop with a better understanding of what marketing is, while also understanding why public relations is also important to every business. – Client Testimonial

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