Marketing| Branding| Public Relations Services

Listed below are various services and packages I provide. If needing a service a la carte , please email me at for pricing.

Branding Services

Brand Management Services

As your Brand Manager I would be responsible for maintaining a company or individual’s public image through the implementation of marketing initiatives. My duties would/can include communicating with company executives, marketing personnel and public figures, completing research into industry trends and public perception and aiding in the creation of marketing and advertising campaigns to strengthen their client’s brand identity.

Examples of what would be implemented are below

  • Developing custom marketing and advertising strategies
  • Creating designs and layouts for media outlets
  • Writing pitches, blog posts and articles
  • Making decisions about the cost of branding and analyzing trends in customer spending
  • Building relationships with influencers, journalists and media outlets
  • Overseeing social media accounts and ensure brand consistency
  • Conducting meetings with clients
  • Overseeing marketing staff

“Thank you so much for your time and knowledge that you shared with us in class. I have been able to effectively apply most of the information learned with marketing my business. I’ve also been able to share with other entrepreneurs how informative your workshop was! I feel like I left the workshop with a better understanding of what marketing is, while also understanding why public relations is also important to every business. – Client Testimonial

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