I’m so happy you are here to join us!

Snapsxstyles has dedicated to giving you a quality experience and capturing beautiful moments.

What’s Snapsxstyles Why? How did Snapsxstyles Evolve?

  • Snapsxstyles is a sister company to Fashioncentric. Snapsxstyles was founded in early 2019. Since I wanted to expand from not only fashion styling and customization but to actually capture moments and concepts and giving customers a well rounded experience.
  • Snapsxstyles is fairly new but quickly expanding and getting better by the minute! So you better book book book!

Does Snapsxstyles have a specialization in her photography?

No! I have experience in the concepts and styles below but I am always open to trying new concepts.

  • Events
  • Prom & Senior Pics
  • Fashion Concepts
  • Maternity
  • Engagement
  • Studio
  • Location Shoots

I would like to thank you for checking out Snapsxstyles and I can’t wait to give you a quality experience!


Brittany Marcus

Snapsxstyles- Owner

Published by snapsxstyles

Indy Based Photographer and Fashion Stylist

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