BlackSnapsMatter meets #TheeGoat

Mike Harris- @mikeandrephoto

Over the course of the last two months I have been working on a project called #BlackSnapsMatter where I collaborate some phenomenal friends and colleagues who have taken on the amazing career as photographers.

I wanted to think of a creative way to give back to my colleagues and help promote their business as well as coach myself and become a better photographer.

I feel as though to be a great photographer I need to be well rounded , patient , know how my client feels and know what they want . So what better way to help service my clients better than to BECOME ONE !

The first photographer I will be covering this week is my friend and colleague Mike Harris . Mr. Harris is phenomenal! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike in various aspects of the fashion industry & he has also been a client of mine .

Every time I have booked or collaborated with Mike, whether it was a creative concept shoot for my brand or something personal, he has been consistent with his communication , approachable, and professional. He has even assisted me with styling shoots and ensuring that my vision is being captured with quality .

The excitement with each photo being captured is always never ending ! In my shoot for my brand I was extremely nervous and had trouble posing and Mike was able to guide me through the process and have my session done in the allotted time slot that was booked. Not only did he deliver the expected results , he even managed a few laughs and tips in between shots.

But what can I say, Mike is definitely #TheGoat !

Below I have listed Mike’s social media where you can follow him and his amazing work!

Instagram @mikeandrephoto

Facebook Mike Andre Photo


Creative Concept Shoot July 2020
@Fashioncentric Brand Shoot 2017
@snapsxstyles brand project 2020
Posse brand collaboration 2015 . Brand – Mike Harris Tye Die done by Me

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