#BlackSnapsMatter Meets A Good Life

“ The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama.

Meshia Hayes- Photographer

If you want to live your best life and capture those moments simultaneously then you have to meet the beautiful Meshia Hayes. This woman is a BOSS ! I mean when I say remarkable I mean it !

I had the pleasure of finally connecting with Meshia when I posted that I wanted to shadow local photographers to get a feel of the photography world . She instantly extended the offer and I’m so happy she did !

Meshia exposed me to my first studio experience and she had some awesome clients ! She captured a few Valentine sessions as well as a black girl magic shoot .

Just by getting to know Meshia further she has given me tips , assisted me with photography questions and has assisted me with networking opportunities.

In addition to being fabulous ,Meshia recently started a Facebook group called Girl Gang Indy where she has connected over 2000 ladies from all over ! We talk , network and exchange information and it’s absolutely amazing !

Ms. Hayes will be hosting a Summers End Picnic at the end of the month for her Girl Gangers and I will have the awesome opportunity to capture those moments .

Below I have listed Meshia’s social media handles , some of the collaborated projects I’ve done with her or assisted with as well as her upcoming event flyer .

Meshia Hayes- Photographer

Instagram- Agoodlifephotoco

Facebook- A Good Life Photo Co

Website: https://www.agoodlifephotoco.com/

Black girl Magic . Image by @snapsxstyles . Shot while Shadowing Meshia
Van Gogh Beauty Shots – Creative Director & Stylist – @snapsxstyles Photographer – A Good Life
Van Gogh Beauty Shots – Creative Director & Stylist – @snapsxstyles Photographer – A Good Life

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