Your Beauty Is In Your Soul

You are beautiful because of the light you carry inside you. You are beautiful because you say you are, and you hold yourself that way.
Mary Lambert

Now that we have channeled our inner boss, let channel that inner beauty !

The reason I decided to do mini glam sessions is because giving back is a part of my mission and is written in my business plan.

I love to capture beautiful memories whether I’m the photographer or stylist and I also love to educate . That is also why I started branding university . I want to educate people so that they are successful and let them know they can look good doing it as well .

My dream is to work for myself and provide photography , marketing and PR Services ! I’m so grateful for the people that have given me advice and have been helpful in my journey .

I have been shadowing local photographers , studying local professionals in the PR field and taking courses in my spare time ! My ultimate goal is to be successful and pay it forward !

Each month I will provide a themed mini glam session with a secret location to give people the opportunity to capture mini memories or step out of their comfort zone . The prices are extremely discounted due to the sessions being 20 minutes long and they are a part of my mini series for giving back and you can only select two edits .

Now with being said , Have you booked your glam shots for the new year ?

I am currently working on my next series and will be accepting booking for the dates below :

Week of Jan 11-16- Standard Glam Theme

Jan 23- Boudior and Balloon Themed

Jan 24 – Standard Glam Theme

This series is extremely discounted due to it being a personal project all other inquires are full price

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