Spend a Day with Jay

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to attend a two day photography session with Jay Goldz. Jay is an extremely talented photographer that is currently based in Indianapolis but will soon be relocating.

On the first day he covered the basics of photography and a little about his photography style. The session included about 7 other photographers and he had a model for us to practice with each day.

The first day also covered things such as natural lighting , model placement, indoor shooting and so much more ! The main take away that was extremely relevant in my opinion was Jay’s explanation of the photography triangle , how the triangle works , and the importance of each area.

We learned about the ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture (F.Stop) . The ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. All this basically means is the image sensor’s sensitivity to light. The shutter speed is the length of time when the film or digital sensor ( in our case) inside the camera is exposed to light. So basically how fast your camera captures an image. And lastly the aperture which is the opening where light travels.

If you are like me you haveeee to see how all of these work together to bring you those quality images you see on instagram, billboards and scrapbooks. Jay Goldz made all of that possible!

The second day we did a wrap up/ review of day one and dived into studio 101. My classmates and I were introduced to lighting in a studio, backdrops , posing and so much more. After that we were given a plethora of knowledge, Jay quickly handed out triggers and had us dive right in ! With the knowledge from day one and two we were able to captivate the beauty of the models each day!

Jay Goldz is a phenomenal photography educator and with his gregarious personality you will feel as if you’ve known him for years. I am excited that he was able to provide me and others with a plethora of information to become quality photographers of the future .

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