Peace Water Winery- Local Roots, California Vines

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Peace Water Winery’s newest location in Fishers. How did I end up here you may ask? Well it’s simple good business always comes back full circle.

In 2017 I went on one of the most extravagant dates with my boyfriend and he researched this winery in Carmel. And you all guessed it, it was Peace Water. Upon entry I was greeted with open arms and given a tour. The vibe and decor was literally unmatched. The customer service was even better! This place has been on my favorite list ever since.

Now fast forward to 2020 and now I am frequently capturing moments with my photography business and looking for a venue with great aesthetics, pops of color and something new for my audience to visualize. And right then it hits me ” BOOM” check your favorites list. I scroll down and I see Peace Water Winery. I remember the ambiance, the customer service and it feels like home. I reach out and they were amazing and helpful and recommend the Fishers location. My friend Brittany agrees to be my muse alongside our personal chosen wine of the week which was the Inspire Róse.

The inspire Róse is a vintage wine that was created in 2019. It is 83% Pinot Noir and 17% Syrah. It packs about 13.8% of alcohol and has a dark fruit blend with peppery spice and a sweet savory flavor that mimics gumdrops! We definitely recommend this wine if you’d like to entertain a small party or just for a rainy day!

Below I have attached photos of our journey as well as more information about Peace Water Winery and their 3 locations.


Locations : Carmel, Mass Ave, and Fishers

Instagram: @peacewaterwinery | Facebook: Peace Water Winery

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