Peace Water Winery- Local Roots, California Vines

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Peace Water Winery’s newest location in Fishers. How did I end up here you may ask? Well it’s simple good business always comes back full circle. In 2017 I went on one of the most extravagant dates with my boyfriend and he researched this winery in Carmel.Continue reading “Peace Water Winery- Local Roots, California Vines”

Friday Fun at The Neidhammer

Last Friday I had the pleasure of capturing a few social distancing sessions at the Neidhammer. Known for its luxury wedding space, common office space, and cidery, I absolutely couldn’t resist booking this space to capture moments for my clients. This was my very first solo session and I must say, Every session was absolutelyContinue reading “Friday Fun at The Neidhammer”


I’m so happy you are here to join us! Snapsxstyles has dedicated to giving you a quality experience and capturing beautiful moments. What’s Snapsxstyles Why? How did Snapsxstyles Evolve? Snapsxstyles is a sister company to Fashioncentric. Snapsxstyles was founded in early 2019. Since I wanted to expand from not only fashion styling and customization butContinue reading “Snapsxstyles”